Juggling a busy, fulfilling life both in business and at home can be very stressful. Paula’s 1:1 8 week stress management course took me on a journey that allowed me to recognise my personal stressors and triggers and develop techniques that help enormously for me to be the best that I can both personally and professionally.
Paula’s approach to stress management and to life is inspirational. I can’t recommend her programme highly enough.

Claire – Unleashing Dragons Ltd

I attended one of Minds Matter Now’s one day workshops in Brighton and found the whole experience inspirational.
They made me see that most of my problems stem from how I am feeling and my thought patterns.
They taught me to accept and to be aware of thoughts (usually negative in my case) that enter my “scrambled egg head” and to quieten my mind.
I am trying to be kind to myself and learning to love me.

Jo Beeny – Designer


I’ve been learning the practice of Mindfulness Meditation with Paula for some 2 weeks now and it’s had a very profound effect already! Really wonderful. Simple effective realist tool. Thank you Paula ….you have a natural gift to share ….knowledgeable, kind loving and fun!

GAIL NARI-Property Developer


The mindfulness course was thought provoking and extremely interesting, highly recommended for peace of mind and less stress and John and Paula are excellent course instructors.

David Pollikett – MD of Event Company


How many of you are rushing around to get the kids ready for school, or to get to work yet are still reading this post and checking fb? Imagine if you gave yourself these minutes in the morning to just sit quietly, same amount of time used but used differently, how this could change your day and how you felt about it.
I cannot recommend this introduction to mindfulness highly enough, it gives you insight to last your lifetime in one day.
Being mindful costs nothing yet it can make changes that truly save lives.

CAROL IVES, Fashion Stylist

After a career spanning three decades in transformation and cultural change I am delighted that Minds Matter Now gave me essential tools to not only change personal circumstances but also improve performance at work. After attending recent training with the Minds Matter Now team I was also reminded that Mindfulness improves focus within teams, listening skills, relationships and stress levels. Highly recommended.

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